ITALY: Emiliano Pietrini, Avante garde musician, composer

From far away, he calls. His voice low, drunken, moaning.The pit of hell? Abandoned basement? That forest no one dares to enter?

You strain to make out the words, but they are slurred. And yet…melodic. Can the two truly co-exist? What is the purpose of music? The role it plays in our lives?

All better judgment would tell you to turn this “music” off; there is nothing for you here. Nothing good, anyway. Certainly music must first and foremost soothe? To quiet those inner voices rather than turn a spotlight on them, inviting you to investigate further. To take this artist up on his invitation seems self-destructive at the very least. Doesn’t taking in aggression lead to further aggression?

And yet your intuition whispers, “Follow.” Follow? Yes. This is a shamanic journey and he and you are traveling, spiraling…down. You have no idea where you’re headed, just know it’s somewhere dark, somewhere you’ve up till now avoided. But today, with him as guide, you go. Trustingly. Trustingly? Really? Yes.

Such was my experience listening to Emiliano Pietrini’s, “Elementi.”

“Once I focus the point of inspiration, for example the anguish, I shred it into several small fragments and then reconstruct it through a new form–my inner form!” says the experimental musician-composer who along with fellow artist, Fabrizio Barsanti, records under the name, Globoscuro. “My artistic purpose is to filter every emotion through the oneiric imaginary–a sort of symbolism that defragments the reality to create new universes in which every single atom acquires its hidden meaning! My compositional approach blooms through the expression of the unconscious mind…like a dreamy revelation of the hidden, the mysterious, the unknown–or knowable only across the inspirational flame.” Says, Pietrini, who works out of his studio in Livorno, Italy, “This research to reveal absolutes is an attempt to deconstruct not meaning, but an underlying reality. And then to reconstruct a gestalt pattern by manipulating the roots of reality into new patterns of emerging meaning. Every song is like building a universe in which I am the architect, the bricklayer and the raw material.”

GLOBOSCURO active since 2001:

Instruments played: electric and acoustic Guitar – synthesizer – concrete instruments – keyboard – bass – voice – effects – strange percussion – noisemakers – unconventional woodwind instruments.

“Globoscuro is raw sound. Ruinous heaps, industrial / noise / dark ambient, in progressive evolution. Vintage electronics, synthesizers, disturbed guitars, loops, orchestral passages and noise gusts. Everything blends in spinning cumulonimbus that protrude menacingly from the speakers….”
~Dionisio Capuano for Blow Up Magazine n° 100) RECENSIONI / REVIEWS