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A new year has begun and we are continuing to bring you articles showcasing stunning talent we hope will both move and inspire you. Only now we will do so in a sleek, paired-down new look! Come check us out!

Among the new artists profiled:

Dante Horoiwa, muralist, contemporary painter

“After a mural is finished, people will begin to picnic in front of the painting. It is almost impossible not to look at it if you are passing by. Whereas in an indoor space, you only enter if you intend to. There is less opportunity for encountering the artwork.”


Among Musicians: distinctly different artists share one lovely thing in common

“I have been making music my whole life. I grew up going to see my father play Blues in some of the same clubs that I play in today. When I was seven years old, I stopped wanting to be an astronaut and started wanting to be a musician.”

The Marshall Pass: Craig Rawding and Duncan Arsenault. photo: Ted Theodore

The Marshall Pass: Craig Rawding and Duncan Arsenault. photo: Ted Theodore

Artists & Writers Who Ignited Us in 2012

“What is it about a particular painting, poem, photograph, piece of music, dance performance that sets us so on fire? There’s clearly an alchemy at work here which cannot be contrived or predicted, a mixing of what the artist brings with our own past, memories…”

UK painter, Pam Hawkes

UK painter, Pam Hawkes

Rose Freymuth Frazie: painter, New York City

“My paintings are allegorical, but I expect each viewer will bring their own interpretation to a piece. The question one asks depends on the individual interpretation.”

Rose Freymuth-Frazier

Rose Freymuth-Frazier

Christina Bothwell: sculptures in glass and stone

“I was a little surprised to hear so many people express that they perceive my pieces as being intentionally disturbing. Wanting to explore the workings of the unconscious tends to make people feel uncomfortable.”

Christina Bothwell-DreamingInColor

Christina Bothwell

Judith Peck: oil painter, Washington, D.C.

“‘Memory’s Eulogy’ was originally inspired by the Tom Waits song, ‘Blue Valentines.’ It’s about being haunted by memories.”


Judith Peck

Martin Wittfooth: oil painter, New York City

“In these works I’m exploring allegories of rebirth: the notion that we often have to let something die (metaphorically speaking) for something else to be allowed to be realized and flourish.”


Martin Wittfooth

Linda Arkelian: ballet dancer, instructor, Vancouver, British Colombia

“Our culture now has become fixated on technology and materialistic goals that entice our sons away from the arts. The question is: How can we wean our boys away from computer games?”

Linda Arkelian, photo: David Cooper

Linda Arkelian, photo: David Cooper

John Siddique: British poet, essayist, author

“No one lives a bloodless existence. Everything that is repressed eventually finds a way out, even if it is only in the deepest of unremembered dreams.”No one lives a bloodless existence. Everything that is repressed eventually finds a way out, even if it is only in the deepest of unremembered dreams.”

John Siddique

John Siddique

Advice from poet Peg Boyers: seek out discomfort and the-unfamiliar

“There may not be a single topic we all might be well served to address, but there is The Poem each of us needs to write.”


Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen, painter, Oslo, Norway

“If you as a child would approve of how you live your life, then you’re doing it right.”

Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen

Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Jean Kwok

“I loved books like Anne of Green Gables and I identified with red-haired, freckled Anne because she was an outsider and always in trouble, like me. However, I didn’t come across any books about Chinese girls who lived in poverty…”


Ryan McGennisken, illustrator, wanderer

“A self-described “installation artist, drawer and wanderer,” born and raised in Gippsland, Victoria, twenty-seven-year-old Ryan McGennisken just completed his residency in Finland where he studied the mystical folklore of that region, and is now living in Berlin, Germany with his partner and fellow artist and co-wanderer, Hollie M. Kelley.”

Ryan McGennisken

Ryan McGennisken