Artists As Activists: When Art & Life Collide

Here is some of what we’ll be discussing as the days unfold:

♦  Increasingly our daily lives are inundated with industrial noise. How is this shaping our taste in music?
♦ Who’s the Boss? Are record companies responsive to society’s needs or merely dictating what we to listen to?
♦ What is “Outsider Music” and how can it find a place at the table?
Hear the voices of independent record labels, musicians, critics and buffs.

Visual Arts:
♦ What is the face of  “Anti-Art” in the world today?
♦ Exploring “environmental art,” murals and sculpture in the midst of struggle.
Guest artists who are leaving their mark in unexpected places and in unpredictable ways share their work and thoughts.

♦ Escape or reflection on where we are as a people?
In the coming days, film-makers, critics and afficionados share their thoughts on the history, health and future of film. Discover gems that never hit your local theatres.

♦ Has the internet and instant messaging invigorated or weakened how we use words to get our ideas across?
♦ How is the internet affecting our children’s use of language?
Join us as we explore the surge of ameteur poets and bloggers, and see who critics rate as the best and worst of what’s out there.

Collaboration in the Arts:
♦ Many artists are now spanning multiple genres, combining poetry with art, or informing their writing by their musicianship or dancing, and vice-versa.
♦ Exploring the trend towards artists from different mediums collaborating together, taking back control from the publishing houses and big business. We’ll take a look at what’s being created.

Movement Arts:
♦ As our lives become increasingly sedentary and social interactions occur more than not in the virtual realm, what role do the movements arts (yoga, Nia, dance, martial arts) play in modern society? Outdated or more necessary than ever? What is the future for these disciplines in an increasingly technology-heavy, mind-focused society?
♦ “Anti-Therapy:” Can the benefits of moving out of our heads and into our bodies enrich disciplines traditionally viewed as mind-centered? Who is practicing these alternative healing forms and what does it look like? Are they actually successful?

Human Rights, Green Living, and Spirituality:
♦ What role can artists play in bringing about awareness of both atrocities and triumphs happening around the world?
♦ What does it mean to live responsibly as an artist?
See and hear how artists are making a difference.

Mysteries of the Heart and Mind in Space:
♦ Is internet romance real or fantasy?
♦ Are there new models for femininity and masculinity? What are men and women looking for now? Are their needs becoming increasingly similar?
♦ How can we use the internet to better break down barriers, antipathy, assumptions, mistrust?
♦ Functional Insanity: How much of our daily lives are spent wrestling with demons we can’t shake loose? Fear, shame, anger, sorrow, regret, self-doubt?
♦ Going beyond traditional talk and drug therapies: What other ways are people finding to help free the demons and find peace in their lives?
Bring your questions and get answers and advice from sex and relationship experts on invigorating your relationship through greater intimacy.